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Disconnected cable and phase vocal identifier, network map checker.

Thanks to the following functions, the device allows cable operators to carry all operations related to the lockout-tag out the job in a simple and safe way:

  • Voice cable identifier
  • Continuity controller
  • Phase identifier
  • Operating electrical map controller before commissioning.

The new range of FC2310 multi-transmitter device (9 codes available) allows:

  • To verify with one receiver, and with certainty, that all the involved pieces of the network of the same operation are correctly registered for the safety of the operators.
  • Identify the source of the signals (transmitter code no.).
  • The multi-transmitter evolution makes it possible to simplify the sequence of operations, and improves the efficiency of the workflow in the context of the lockout tag-out procedure, by limiting the movements and movements of devices.
  • It makes it possible to check the new electrical map of the networks after works and prior to re-energize. Example: Check that each LV distribution box is correctly connected by identifying the source of the signals (transmitter code no.).
  • The multi-transmitter range is proposed and packaged according to the needs and the customer’s request.
  • The evolution of the quality of packaging allows its transport and its implementation in extreme conditions.


  • Secured signal: coded and confined between cable shorted ends, the transmitted signals cannot be jammed or detected on nearby cables.
  • New: Up to 9 different signal codes are programmable on the transmitters.
  • Secure voice message: It is paired to each transmitter code and is registered on the detector. It is issued only in case of confirmed identification of the transmitter code.
  • Simple signal induction: done by 3 transducer clamps on cable terminals at one of its ends as the cable is grounded and short-circuited at both ends (earthing switch or temporary grounding at both ends).
  • Availability of information necessary for operations on facilities to be recorded or recorded, as soon as the transmitters are implemented and without any subsequent manipulation. No need to commute between the job site and the feeder pillar or substations until the end of the job.
  • Check of network electrical map?Within the framework of a recording and before putting back into service by using simultaneously the additional transmitter (B) antagonist included, the marking of the conductors can be carried out directly before cutting or on both sides of the section of the identified cable. Without having to move the transmitters with an indication of the origin. Example: In the case of a connection of a substation.

Main transmitter type A (A)

  • Pre-identification of cables.
  • Continuity checks (Identification of open circuits or closed circuits.
  • Identification of conductors (colours) open circuits or closed circuits.
  • For all types of underground cables up to 10 km long.
  • Three possible frequency codes.
  • New lithium battery offering 16 hours of autonomy over 2000 cycles of charges/discharges.
  • New battery compartment allowing change by the user himself.

Antagonist transmitter type B (B)

  • Check continuity (identification) of open circuits or closed circuits.
  • Identification of conductors (colours) open circuits or closed circuits.
  • For all types of cables, up to a length of 10 km.
  • Six possible frequency codes.

Detector with LCD Display (D)

Choice of the function on the receiver according to the expected information:

  • Single receiver for 9 different signals possible.
  • Pre-identification of an electrical cable
  • Identification of phase conductors
  • Continuity check between the work point and the cable end (equipped with transmitters)
  • Display drop-down menu
  • Voice recording

Universal pointer single probe (S)

  • Pre identification of cables
  • Continuity checks (closed circuits)
  • Marking of conductors (colours or closed circuits)
  • POINTER the probe pinpointed the right cable beside and among many others.

New galvanic 2 contacts probe (V)

  • Reception of the signal continuity (identification) circuits open.
  • Conductor marking (colours) open circuits.
  • For open circuit is designed for easy use with gloves.

New Rogowski probe (R)

  • Provides access to LV conductors inaccessible to the magnetic probe.

MV (Medium Voltage) or LV (low voltage) mode

MV mode

  • Magnetic probe for the closed-circuit:
    • Takes account of longer distances between probe and cables/ conductors.
    • Optimised detection parameters for MV.

New LV mode

  • Magnetic probe for the closed-circuit:
    • Reduction of the distance allowed between probe and cables/conductors.
    • Optimised detection parameters for LV, particularly on breakout cables at points of emergence.
    • In CONTINUITY rejection of phase detection is possible on the Neutral conductor due to possible leakage of the signal on it.

Other product benefits

New current probe function :

  • The detector displays frequencies of the current flowing in the cables:
    • In black, the frequencies generated by the transmitters
    • In white, the other frequencies
  • Application
    • Allows faster selection of the disconnected cable among loaded cables.
  • Warning
    • Only the message “Cable identified” guarantees that the frequencies of the transmitters have been correctly detected

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