Transmission Running Earth

For use on stringing operations, fully tested and approved. Robust construction.

CE23/A Running Earth

The CE23/A Running earth clamp is explicitly designed for earthing line conductors during “Stringing” operations.

The CE23/A running Earth enables the cable to run freely between contact roller faces whilst providing a positive contact to Earth. The Earth is anchored to a convenient position using the lanyard locating hole. 

Improved cable fixing location offers improved strength, suitable for PB50 and PB120 palm terminations. Equipment is designed with ultimate strength, well in excess of normal working loads, and all designs are type tested.

The Transmission Line range of portable earthing equipment is suitable for temporary earthing of conductors within the range 132kV, 275kV and 400kV.

Clamping Diameter:        Up to 42mm

Short Circuit Rating:       20kA/ 1s

Cont. Current Rating:      300A

Weight:                         4.758kg

Part Number:                   FA2127

Enables to run freely whilst providing a positive contact to Earth.

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