Distribution Line Operating Poles

The PBwel distribution line operating poles are known for being lightweight, precision manufactured, rigidity and durability.

PBwel offers a range of operating poles suitable for use up to 66kV in accordance with ENA Technical Specification 41-21. These typically comprise 4ft (1.22m) sections poles, which can be interconnected to form the required length on-site, including bottom (with a handgrip), intermediate and top sections. Our operating poles are manufactured from lightweight resin-impregnated fibreglass of a high electrical insulation grade and employ precision joints to reduce deflection and improve handling. Alternative lengths are available for special applications.

There are two Industry-standard pole types, the PBwel style and the Bowthorpe style sections. PBwel can supply both kinds, and these are compatible with a broad range of sockets and heads detailed in this brochure.

The PBwel DLE Operating Poles range include 4ft (1.22m) Top Pole Section, PBwel 4ft (1.22m) Intermediate & Bottom Pole Sections, Bowthorpe Style 4ft (1.22m) Top Pole, Bowthorpe Style 4ft (1.22m) Intermediate Section Pole, and Bowthorpe 4ft (1.22m) Bottom Pole.

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