DS/MS/VA Voltage Detectors

The Westminster DS/MS/VA voltage detector Range includes 3.3kV, 5-12kV & 10-36kV. Lightweight and easy to use.

The Westminster DS/MS/VA voltage detector comprises five main components: contact, extension, adaptor, main body and handles, each rated to suit specific applications which are as follows:

  • Contact to establish a connection with live conductors, available as either a pointer, mushroom or “Y” type contact to suit specific application.
  • Extension manufactured and tested to suit the application voltage and provide calibrated capacitance to operate the detector. Available from four types of extension to suit specific voltage ranges, which can be attached in line to the main body or at an angle using an adaptor.
  • Two types of Adaptors are available; these connect the extension to the main body of the detector. A 90-degree adaptor is available for application where it is preferential to stand directly below the contact point with the extension at the right angle to the main body, allowing a clear view of the application to the conductor/ busbar or when testing inside “spouts”. Alternatively, a 60-degree adaptor is also available for applications where it is preferential to hold the detector at an inclined angle perpendicular to the conductor/ busbar, to improve visibility of the detector.
  • The main body houses the voltage detector and battery.

Handle provides suitable insulation from the voltage being tested and also includes storage for the main body when not in use. Two types of handle are available to suit the operating voltage.

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