Electricity Generation and Transmission

Electricity Generation and Transmission

PENTA P&B have many years of experience of designing, supplying, and supporting National Grid and all of the UK and Ireland based Distribution Network Operators; we also support and provide for many of the contractors who work for these businesses. Within our archives, we recently found an Approval Document from National Grid for one of our Substation clamps dating back to 1960.

Today PENTA P&B globally supplies portable earthing equipment and we continue to provide new innovative products for the Electrical Supply Industry through our collaboration with design and approvals engineers and the safety managers. The PENTA P&B range is designed and manufactured at our UK site in Corsham, which facilitates a quick turnaround of design concepts, prototypes, and production-intent final designs and an excellent level of interaction with our design, engineering, and manufacturing experts.

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Substation Portable Earthing Equipment

Transmission Portable Earthing Equipment

Distribution Portable Earthing Equipment

Rail Portable Earthing Equipment