Head Protection

PBwel is the pleased to be main distributor of SIBILLE FAMECA Electrics E-Shark safety helmet range in the United Kingdom and the Ireland.

The TC42ES E-Shark safety helmet is suitable for electrical environment including operation, industry, manufacturing, offices and more. The E-Shark safety helmet is designed for protection from short circuit and their effects to the operator.

SIBILLE FAMECA is the leading provider of electrical safety products for electrical risk prevention equipment, and equipment for construction and network management. 

The TC42ES E-Shark safety helmet is constructed by robust polyethylene outer and inner shells and replaceable black textile harness. 

The TC42ES E-Shark safety helmet also features innovative side and central insert allow for the attachment of accessories including TC42ES E-Shark Helmet Ear Muffs, TC42ES E-Shark Helmet LED and TC42ES E-Shark Helmet Torch. PBwel is also able to supply these attachments upon request. 

The TC42ES E-Shark safety helmet also comes with replaceable absorbent antiperspirant headband. Suitable for head sizes 53- 62 cm. Making the TC42ES E-Shark Helmet an ideal head protector for electrical applications.  

Product Benefits

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