Transmission Tee Connectors

To join Sparrow Plate connecting bonds. Short Circuit Rating: 36kA/ 1s.

The PBwel range of equipment for use on transmission lines has a proven track record of many years’ service in the electricity supply industry and conforms to the requirements of ENA 41-21.

The PBwel Tee Connectors range is used to connect with the PBwel Sparrow Plate. This is a multiple earth tower bonding plate which allows the control of induced currents and provides a common point of connection for Earths, which will permit the safe and effective control of induced currents and short circuits.

The PBwel Tee Connector range includes Plain Tee Connector (Compatible with PB120 palm terminations only) and CE84 TEE Connector compatible with PB120F Ferrule terminations only.

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