Inspection, Repair and Calibration

Inspection, Test, Repair and Calibration.

We do recommend that a visual inspection is carried out on all Earths each time before use and in line with your company procedures which govern inspection and testing routines. We do however offer a complete Inspection, Test, Repair, and Calibration service.

If you return your Earthing Equipment or Voltage Detectors to PENTA P&B, you have the added assurance that any test, repair, and re-calibration is being performed by the Original Equipment Manufacturer to the same high standards as when the equipment was originally supplied.

As well as offering that service here at our manufacturing site in Corsham, we are also able to provide a similar service on-site to minimise any shortages of equipment for your teams; it also eliminates the time and costs involved in shipping bulky items back to us. Sometimes we are unable to complete all repairs on-site and these, unfortunately, will need to be returned.

Please ask your PENTA P&B contact for more details or use the form below.