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This device is used for detecting AC/ DC voltage. With a control voltage level from 5 to 1000V, a red-light indicator for hazardous voltage is visible at all angles, a bright display with large figures for voltage reading and a dedicated display for each function.


  • Polarity test
  • Discrimination phase / neutral (unipolar)
  • Phase rotation, Continuity check and test connecting lead
  • Self-test function
Voltage detection: AC / DC


  • Control voltage levels from 5 to 1000V
  • Indication of discrete voltage level
  • Discrimination AC / DC
  • Indication of phase (unipolar) on each probe
  • Extra Large red light indication for hazardous voltage visible from all angles
  • Bright display with large figures for voltage reading
  • Dedicated display for each function clear information

Control voltage levels

Between the two probes

  • Voltage DC display two diodes polarity (+ or -)
  • Voltage AC is displayed by simultaneous lighting of two diodes (+ and -)
  • Audible differentiated: intermittent voltages up to 230V and from 400V continuous
  • Function dangerous voltage ELV supplied by the network (battery not required)
  • Indication of the voltage value (with an accuracy of 3%)
Indication LED levels:120, 230, 400 and 1000V AC and DC
AG780DPFE280 x 70 x 50 mmDelivered with 3 tips0.480 kg

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