Substation Earth
End Clamp

Precision manufactured from Aluminium casting and stainless steel fittings applied by hand with proven service in ESI for over forty years.

The PBwel CE20 is an Earth End clamp suitable to provide a connection to Substation Earth Tape. This is ideally suited for connecting to tapes fitted with panhandles. Compatible with PB50T terminated leads and can be applied to clean or dirty copper and aluminium earth tape. 

The substation earth clamp range from PBwel is designed to meet the ENA technical specification 41/21. This includes the Earth End Clamps which are precision manufactured from a robust aluminium casting with stainless steel fittings.

The spring-loaded feature of all types makes them suitable for application by hand to copper or aluminium earth bars in any natural condition.

This spring-loaded feature of the clamps also makes them suitable for application by hand. Only normal strength is necessary to achieve good contact and tightness.

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