Rail Long Blue Interlocked Earth

Network Rail Approved, innovative design to prevent premature removal.

The PENTA P&B range of equipment for use on the Rail track and the OHL network has been specifically designed for the UK Rail Industry and has a proven track record of many decades of service. As well as supplying a standard range of approved equipment, PENTA P&B also can design new solutions for any Rail Portable Earthing requirement.

The Interlocked Long Blue Earth from PENTA P&B has been designed to solve a pressing need in the Rail Industry.

The equipment has been specially enhanced to address the potentially fatal procedure of removing the equipment in the incorrect order of use. To ensure that the Line End clamp is removed before the Earth End clamp, it incorporates a special key which must be used to remove the Earth End clamp. The tamper-proof lock arrangement is an integral part of both clamps, and PENTA P&B can provide up to 20 combinations, this is to deter ‘master keys’ being used to fool the system.

This interlocked long blue earth is for providing temporary earth bonds between overhead catenary or contact conductors and earthed rail sections or recognised earthing points.

The CE63 (J117-NSE) Earth End clamp is a steel fabricated clamp for application to all rail types, steel framework and earthing points. The clamp is fitted with disc springs to ensure a secure location. All components are plated to provide adequate protection on site.

Interconnecting Leads are made of 50sqmm multi-stranded Aluminium with Aluminium palm-type compression terminations and blue Arctic-grade PVC insulation. The S9BI Line End clamp is made from Aluminium alloy and stainless-steel fasteners.

Insulated Operating Poles are glassed fibre insulating poles with open weave handgrips bonded to the lower pole section. Available in standard 4ft (1.22 metre) sections with machined joints to provide rigid assembly by double-sided snap action, spring-loaded locking device. The S9D type light-alloy operating socket should be fitted; the socket is then used to rotate the Line End clamp’s operating screw, to secure to the line.

Customer Benefits

Long Earths

Long Blues are generally 8mtr in length. However, any length can be provided if specified for non-Network Rail work. Although an S9B to J117-D configuration is standard, Long Blues can also be supplied with CE62 Clamps (not Network Rail approved).

Interlock Earths

Interlocked Earths provide the same connections as a regular Long Blue; however, the Clamps utilise a lock-and-key system where the Earth End is removed using the Line End. This ensures that Engineers do not accidentally disrupt the path to earth prematurely as the Earth End can only be removed by using the Line End clamp.

Line end clamps are available in an S9B style or CE5 style (designated S9Bi and CE5i respectively).

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PENTA is the leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of quality electrical safety products.

PENTA is a globally recognised designer, manufacturer and supplier of temporary portable earthing, voltage detectors, Buchholz relays and electrical safety products.

With a heritage spanning over eighty years, and world-class experience in equipment designed for the safe maintenance of power systems, PENTA provides customers with high-quality service, reliable solutions and technical expertise.

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