Transmisson Line Earthing CE60 Sparrow Plate

Multiple Earth bonding plate, short circuit rated up to 36kA/1 sec with good corrosion resistance.

The CE60 ‘2014 pattern’ Sparrow Plate is a multiple earth Tower bonding plate. The registered design enables the control of induced currents. It provides a common point of connection for Earths, which will permit the safe and effective control of induced currents and short circuits when configured as part of a DrESS system or similar. A Sparrow plate avoids touch potentials of multiple (separate) Earth End clamps. It provides a secure fixed Earth potential, capable of managing short circuit currents in the event of either adjacent circuit faults or re-energisation.

Also available is the CE84 Transmission Line DrESS Tee Connector, employing cable clamps for use with bonds having PB120F ferrule terminations. Additionally, a new ‘Back-to-Back’ CE60 Sparrow Plate fitting kit has been developed and tested for use upon Tower tops.

In addition, we have a service available for the refurbishment and modification of existing (pre-2014) CE60 Sparrow Plates to the ‘2014 pattern’. The pre-2014 CE60 Sparrow Plate remains available as well as its complimentary Tee Connector, for applications where leads remain fitted with standard PB120 terminations. However, we recommend the adoption of the 2014 design due to its use of captive fasteners which speeds fitting, improves electrical connections and has the added safety benefit of captive fasteners when working at height.

The short circuit rating for the CE60 Sparrow Plates is 31.5kA/1s and the continuous current rating is 900A.

The short circuit rating of the CE84 is 36kA/1s and its continuous current rating is 600A.

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