As a leader and major player on the international stage, we have a responsibility towards all our stakeholders, whether they be our employees, our customers, our suppliers, or our partners.

Our environmental objective

Reducing our direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions within the framework of a five-year action plan through the mastery of our energy impact and the development of eco-responsible products.

Our social ambition

Developing a strong employer brand and placing human capital at the heart of our actions: protecting the health and safety of our employees, well-being in the workplace, training and skills development, mobility, diversity, profit-sharing agreements, employee share ownership (FCPE).


To enable you to implement means of securing de-energised networks or tools for accessing energised networks and work. We manufacture equipment specifically adapted to your networks to guarantee a safe worksite for everyone involved.

Our social and humanitarian responsibility

Our corporate culture is customer focused. The Group has set up a customer-focused continuous improvement system and monitors customer satisfaction.


Enabling you to work on your sites in complete safety. We deliver high-performance tools that enable you to carry out your technical work safely and efficiently.

Towards a more responsible and sustainable business model

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