Electricity Distribution

PBwel has many years of experience developing a range of temporary earthing, voltage detection and pole kits to meet the challenges faced by Distribution Network Operators (DNO’s) and their contractors who deliver power to our homes and businesses.

Following our acquisition and integration into the ESP division of Novarc we are now able to offer many more voltage detectors, cable identification, cutting and spiking devices to support the DNO and contractor teams in the efforts to install and maintain the network. It is also worth noting that we can supply a full range of Electrical Insulating and Arc Flash gloves, tools and Sub-Station rescue kits.

The PBwel range is designed and manufactured at our UK site in Corsham, which facilitates a quick turnaround of design concepts, prototypes and production-intent final designs and an excellent level of interaction with our design, engineering and manufacturing experts.

Please click on the link below for an overview of the range.

Distribution Range

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