Electric Mobility

A new sector for PBwel based on the enhanced product offering available to us by being part of Novarc/ ESP is Electric vehicles. With access to Electrical Insulating gloves, PPE, rescue sticks, insulating tools, lockout equipment, demarcation banners and chains etc. We can provide a total package to the vehicle manufacturers, after-sales repair workshops and roadside recovery teams and the emergency services. Whilst our equipment can be bought as individual items; we can supply a variety of kits which can be tailored to specific end-user requirements and secured to walls within the working area.

Our premium range of products have already been approved by a number of vehicle manufacturers and are in use in plants throughout Europe; they have even found their way into Electric Motorsport. As a manufacturer we are able to adapt and design tools to specific end user requirements and we are also able to provide personalised marking if desired.

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Electric Mobility Security & Protection Brochure