On the 2nd and 3rd of July, we will be holding an open day in Corsham. Find out more by clicking here



On the 2nd and 3rd of July, we will be holding an open day in Corsham. Find out more by clicking here

Electric Mobility

Electric Mobility

A new sector for PENTA based on the enhanced product offering available to us by being part of NOVARC/ ESP is Electric vehicles. With access to Electrical Insulating gloves, PPE, rescue sticks, insulating tools, lockout equipment, demarcation banners and chains etc. We can provide a total package to the vehicle manufacturers, after-sales repair workshops roadside recovery teams, and emergency services. Whilst our equipment can be bought as individual items; we can supply a variety of kits that can be tailored to specific end-user requirements and secured to walls within the working area.

Our premium range of products has already been approved by a number of vehicle manufacturers and is in use in plants throughout Europe; they have even found their way into Electric Motorsport. As a manufacturer, we are able to adapt and design tools to specific end-user requirements and we are also able to provide personalised marking if desired.

Our range covers the whole life cycle of a vehicle

Across the planet, the number of electric vehicles on the road has exceeded 8 million! Add to that new generation of trucks, buses and other electric equipment, and you will see why batteries are being

But some precautions are indispensable: electricity is invisible, silent, and odorless, yet leads to accidents every day! That is where our expertise comes in.

A pioneer in the manufacture of “insulated tools” for electricians, the ESP Division of the group constantly improves its product line. By investing in the acquisition of leading brands, as well as in research and development, ESP has developed a comprehensive range of high-performance products adapted to changing worldwide needs.

The ESP range of electrical safety products are specially designed to meet the needs of professionals in the electricity industry. Our product range is regularly updated with new and innovative products, which are adapted to evolving electrical systems, the environment and safety standards.

Why you can trust ESP

✔️ We design and manufacture products, and have mastery over our technology since the 1950s

✔️ We are pioneers of electrical safety, who know the market and operate all over the world

✔️ We have design departments in each plant, to create, develop and research new products

✔️ We draw on a responsive sales team, which is close to customers

✔️ Our vision of after-sales service encompasses delivery, advice and training in our products

✔️ We can offer you regular monitoring and periodic inspections of your products on test benches

✔️Products that have been developed carefully to combine safety and efficiency.