WDL Discharge Rod

For use up to 35kV. Lightweight and easy to use.

The WDL Capacitor Discharge Rods are used for the removal of electrostatic charge from disconnected circuits, before undertaking maintenance work.

Manufactured from 1.2-metre-long lightweight insulating tubing and fitted with a dischargeable hook. A 4-metre long earth cable facilitates the connection to the Earth with Earthing (crocodile) clip. Models are available with a discharge limiting resister for use upon capacitors.

Customer Benefits

Models Available:

  • EFC-17300: for use up to 15kV EFC-17301: for use up to 35kV
  • EFC- 17302: for use up to 15kV (with discharge limiting resistor)
  • EFC-17303: for use up to 35kV (with discharge limiting resistor)

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