Substation Earthing

PENTA is a globally recognised designer and manufacturer of temporary Portable Earthing products, Buchholz relays and a supplier of market-leading electrical safety products.


PENTA Portable Earthing equipment for Substation Earthing has a proven track record within the electricity supply industry. As well as offering a standard range of approved equipment, PENTA can also design solutions for any Portable Earthing requirements.

PENTA is proud of our Substation Portable Earthing equipment to be chosen by the National Grid for their Line End and Earth End Clamp needs. Our range also includes Aluflex leads and Earthing spigots and is suitable for use up to 400kV with a range of Busbar sizes available.

Field Equipment Earth is also available for the earthing of scaffolds, cranes, MEWPs, and other field equipment. As designers and manufacturers of Portable Temporary Earthing equipment, PENTA can offer full technical advice, and supply bespoke kits to suit your unique requirements.

The PENTA Substation Portable Earthing equipment consists of Substation Earth End Clamps, Substation Line End Clamps, Substation Earthing Leads, Substation Operating Poles, Substation Sockets, Spigots, Substation Fixed Earthing, Substation Earthing Tape Repair Kits and Substation Discharge Rods.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like a technical datasheet for any of our Portable Earthing equipment.

Substation earthing Substation earthing Substation earthing Substation earthing Substation earthing

Substation earthing Substation earthing Substation earthing Substation earthing Substation earthing

Substation Earth End Clamps

Substation Line End Clamps

Substation Leads

Substation Operating Poles

Substation Operating Sockets

Substation Discharge Rods

Substation Spigots

Substation Fixed Earthing

Earth Tape Repair Kits

PENTA also provide a range of Buchholz relays for substations find out more by clicking the link below

Buchholz Relay

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