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The UNITAG LV voltage detector is a unipolar detector designed to test the presence of phase on insulated or bare LV conductors. The level of detection is indicated by a LED bar graph and a beeping sound whose speed increases as the device approaches a live source.

It is commonly used for detecting stray voltage on poles and crosses arms, conductor disconnection on overhead insulated LV conductors. UNITAG will not replace a standard “proving dead” device but is an ideal complement to a bipolar LV detector.


For LV distribution network>>CATIV 1000V
All weather condition>>IP65
HV network checking up to 24kV>>when used with insulating stick

This unipolar detector is designed to address two types of needs :

  • Checking electrical works which may be damaged, have a spurious level of safety or undetermined power source:
  • The safe approach of damaged cables or cabinets (storm, flood, digging, accident …)
  • Safe approach to the metalwork (cabinet, lighting pole, frame or under footpath connecting box…)
  • The safe approach of metal cable shielding when preparing a cable joint
  • Checking earth circuit
  • Checking presence of voltage at cable ends (MV or LV)
  • The safe approach of flooded electrical installation(under investigation, looking for feedback)

Checking LV insulated network (non-shielded) :

  • Checking voltage presence on LV overhead insulated or covered cables
  • Looking for discontinuity on LV overhead insulated or covered cables
  • Proving the switch position upon an LV overhead insulated or covered cable
  • Identifying out Phase and Neutral cable
Advantages :
  • Sound and light alert on voltage presence
  • UNITAG 1000V for use on networks
  • Can be used by hands or on an insulating stick
  • Indication of detection level
  • Tip length designed for access to LV panel and test point
  • Audible beeping speed is proportional to the level of detection
  • Visual indication of the level of detection on a bright LED bar graph
  • Automatic self-test, when switched on with green, LED indication
  • Multipurpose detector: street light, insulating twisted cables, rescue team, and firefighters

Technical Specifications :

Field of use :

  • Medium Voltage with the appropriate insulating stick
  • Detection by direct contact from 50 V
  • CAT IV 1000V
  • IP65
  • 2 x LR03 1.5 volt alkaline (AAA)
AC low voltage system:From 50 V up to 1000 V AC
Frequency: 50- 60 Hz
Temperature:15° C to + 45° C

Light 5 section telescopic stick:

  • Upper section insulating rod Ø 10 mm complying with IEC 60855
  • 4 sections of hollow tubes
  • Extended length = 2,15 m                Collapsed length= 0,84 m.
  • Delivered with a soft bag.
Part NumberType of useSize (mm)Weight (g)
UNITAGHFEHandheld45 x 39 x 227 mm160 g
UNITAGUFEHandheld + stick interface51 x 67 x 241 mm210 g
UNITAGUFXHandheld soft shell + telescopic stick51 x 67 x 1100 mm710 g

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PBwel is the leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of quality electrical safety products.

PBwel is a globally recognised designer, manufacturer and supplier of temporary portable earthing, voltage detectors, Buchholz relays and electrical safety products.

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