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This device is used for proving dead operation of direct current overhead conductors, especially railway catenary (metro, trains).

  • Detection of DC voltage (presence or absence of voltage).
  • Detection of residual DC voltage measures the unloading of the line.
  • Detection of nominal or induced AC voltage (presence or absence of voltage).


  • Avoids false nominal DC voltage detection: Double measurementcircuit to discriminate nominal voltages from stray voltages coming from surrounding circuits.
  • Permanent checking of the earth leads Permanent checking of the continuity of the earth lead.
  • Direct access to the battery and sealed electronics compartment.
  • When the battery is replaced, this design prevents the following.
    • Damage to electronic circuits
    • Humidity ingresses the device when the battery is replaced outdoors.
  • An optimized indication that can be clearly identified in all working conditions.
    • The indicator light is visible in all usual working environments, in sunlight or fog, with a wide visibility angle.
    • The 100 dB sound signal (from 1 meter) is audible over traffic noise or strong wind, thanks to natural conduction by an acoustic “horn”.
  • Full self-test with self-test button including continuity checking of the lead, battery level and low battery indication.
  • Dedicated display for each function clear information.
  • Warning for overrated voltage range 5000 V) visual and continuous sound indication.
  • A current limitation in the cable is below 3, 5 mA.
  • Up to 36 kV surge voltage withstanding.
  • Robust shell with shock-absorbing adapter, range of adapters available on request (U, APV R).
  • Counter nut allowing the electrode to be locked in any direction.
  • Ergonomic button adapted to operation with insulating gloves.

Technical Specifications

  • Nominal voltage range Un 120 V to 3000 V DC.
  • Double voltage indication powerful beeping sound and a flashing light indication.
  • The presence of real DC voltage is indicated by audible and flashing high-brightness red light.
  • Bright orange LED indication Presence of interference voltage (DC residual charge) or stray voltages coming from surrounding circuits (faulty insulators).
  • The presence of alternative voltage is indicated by high-brightness blue light.
  • Autotest OK and no voltage indicated by green high brightness light.
  • Self-check is incorporated to ensure the correct functioning of a device in the field before and after use.
  • Operating temperature 25 to 55 C, humidity 20 to 96
  • IP 65
    • 1st index 6 dustproof
    • 2nd index 5 Waterproof
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Battery 9-volt alkaline CEI IEC 6 LR 61
  • Delivered in a metal case or soft case
ReferenceNominal voltageEnd fittingPackaging
DCC3600U120 – 3600V DCAFLEX USoft case

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