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This device is used for no Voltage Testing of direct current overhead lines (mainly transport overhead lines: trams, metro and trains).

  • Detection of DC voltage (presence or absence of voltage)
  • Detection of residual DC voltage (measure the unloading of the line)
  • Detection of actual and induced AC voltage (presence or absence of voltage)


  • Setting the threshold by self-learning on real voltage (MCU)
  • Robust shell with flexible adapter coupling (AFLEX)
  • Full auto control with self-test button (cable is also tested)
  • Dedicated display for each function clear information
  • Warning excess voltage range 4000 V) visual and continuous sound indication
  • A current limitation in the cable below 3 5 mA
  • Surge resistant up to 36 kV

Technical Specification

  • Double voltage indication powerful sound and a flashing light indication
  • The presence of real DC voltage is indicated by audible and flashing high-brightness red light
  • The presence of a residual voltage (charging DC voltage) is indicated by audible and high-brightness orange light
  • The presence of induced alternative voltage indicated by high-brightness blue light
  • No voltage indicated by green high-brightness light
  • Self-check is incorporated to ensure the correct functioning of a device in the field before and after use
Nominal voltage range:500 V to 3600 V
Operating temperature:25 to 55 C, humidity 20 to 96
Battery:9 volts alkaline CEI IEC 6 LR 61
Packaging:Metal case of soft case
Approx. size metal case:450 x 345 x 127 mm
ReferenceNominal voltageEnd fittingPackaging
DC3600BPHR500 - 3600V DCAFLEX RSoft case
DC3600BPHU500 - 3600V DCAFLEX USoft case
DC3600BPHAPV500 - 3600V DCAFLEX APVSoft case
DC3600BPHB500 - 3600V DCAFLEX BSoft case

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