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Set of contact electrode extensions for LV distribution board for TAG780 IP2X.


ANT780 RS contact electrode extensions were developed in order to use the voltage detector TAG 780 on the LV distribution and connecting board.


  • Comply with all TAG 780 including self-test of the function complete device
  • Contact tips designed for easy self-test
  • One compact set
  • The reliable impact-resistant internal connection even if the device is dropped
  • Length adapted to the needs of the operator
  • Contact parts adapted to the type of use 4 mm contact electrode for distribution and connecting

Technical Specifications

  • Contact electrode extensions:
    • Lightweight and rigid contact electrode extensions for distribution and connecting board
    • Contact tips ? 4 mm sharp probes
    • 4 mm security socket for reliable impact-resistant
    • 10 mm fibreglass tube for robust device
    • Length: 78 m
    • Weight: 5 kg
    • Delivered in a storage bag
  • Detector
      • Class N extended (15 C to +45 C)
      • Control the direction of the rotation phase “2 wires” for three-phase, voltage rating. equal to or greater than 100 V
      • Direct continuity control between the two probes for a circuit resistance below 80? (+0% +50%) with an audible alarm.
      • Protection against the return of voltage in continuous checking mode.
      • The type “outside”, can be used in rain.
      • User manual in many languages
Levels detected at nominal voltage:120, 230, 400 and 1000 volts AC or DC
AC mains frequency:15 Hz to 60 Hz
Maximum operating voltage:1000 V eff. Max consumption <3.5 mA RMS
Installation category:1000V Cat. IV (according to EN 61010 1 / IEC 61010 1)
Duty cycle:ON = 30s max / OFF = 240s mini
Cable:1 m, flexible cable with double insulation
  • Internal power supply:
        • 2 x LR03 1.5 volt alkaline (AAA)
        • Battery Level control when checking the continuity
TAG780DIF XRSTAG780 digital IP2X


Set for the overhead network (RA)


Storage bag dimensions:Total weight:
83 x 24,5 cm1,35 kg

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