VES25OB – VES36OB Electrical Safety Kit

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VES25OB – VES36OB Electrical Safety Kit

The electrical safety kit allows to assist people in the presence of electrical hazards, up to 25 kV network with model VES25OB or up to 36 kV network with model VES36OB.

The content of these kits is identical to models VES25 and VES36 except for the dielectric boots that have been replaced with dielectric overboots.


  • Insulating stool : 25 000V or 36 000V models available
  • Insulating gloves : GLB3-36-10 (class 3) for model VES25 or GLB4-41-10 (class 4) for model VES36
  • Dielectric overboots size XL: protection against step voltage (voltage gradient in the ground). Compliant with EN 50321 Class 0 and ASTM F1117
  • Insulating stick PPOLVES, equipped with a hook CSVES: telescopic stick with pentagonal shape for a perfect grip
  • Voltage detector TDPESEC: detects all voltages of 127 V AC and above (does not detect DC voltages)
  • Cable cutter CCIVES: Insulated 36 000 V cable cutter
  • Talc shaker TS10T: for easier donning of gloves
  • Fabric case for gloves TS10: Mechanical and UV protection
  • Adhesive marker tape S174JN: for marking off an area, preventing a disconnect switch from being reset, etc
  • Instruction for use VESNOT: in diagram form for quick reading and guidance


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