Field Equipment Earths

Where Field Equipment such as MEWP’s, Scaffolds and conductive fencing is in use around electrified line, the PBwel Field Equipment Earth can be used to drain any potential harmful induced voltages.

Although standard Field Equipment Earths consist of the products below, alternative clamps can be used if required. If you believe that your requirement may need a bespoke solution, then please contact us for a recommendation.

CE20 Earth End Clamp

Earth Tape Thickness- 3.2-6.5mm

Earth Tape Width- 38-50mm

Short Circuit Rating- 38kA/2sec

Part Number- FA2120-B

50sqmm Arctic Orange Aluflex

Short Circuit Rating- 8.9kA/1sec

Cont. Current Rating- 150A

Weight per Mtr- 190g

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