A range of accessories has been designed to provide cost-effective versatility to both Student and Demonstration Meters.
Colour coding of accessories, as well as identification of input value, ensures correct use.

DC Resistance Units (voltage) DC Shunt Units (current) simply plug directly onto the appropriate instruments.

AC Resistance Units (voltage) – GREY and WHITE accessories plug directly on to the instruments whereas BLACK accessories require the Rectifier Accessory to be fitted first.

AC Current – Multi-range units are available in GREY and WHITE format, giving ranges of 0.1, 1.0 and 10 Amps AC. For 10mA instruments which use BLACK accessories, it is necessary to use the BLACK Current Transformer Unit with the Rectifier Unit. This Current Transformer Unit has a turns ratio of 10:1 and will give various full scale deflections depending upon the number of turns used, i.e. 1 turn = 10 Amps, 2 turns = 5 Amps, etc.

BLACK AC Current accessories plug directly into the instrument, whereas WHITE and GREY are separate units.
Please note that there is a much larger range of accessories available. Please contact us (details below) for more details.

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