With the formation of a new engineering department in 2000, TECHNOWILL quickly managed to establish itself as a major leader in mechanical designs with expertise in metals and plastics, electrical contacts.

TECHNOWILL joined the NOVARC group in 2005. In 2008 TECHNOWILL launched a range of electrical accessories dedicated to temporary systems and solutions to shunt or re-supply low voltage electrical networks. In 2014 TECHNOWILL developed a range of cable protectors, and in 2016 TECHNOWILL added a range of fast bayonet connector system to its array of products.

TECHNOWILL understand your needs and can customize product range to suit your application thanks to the in-house R&D team. TECHNOWILL react quickly to your requirement, and we perfectly know to accompany you in your strategic projects.

TECHNOWILL operates in sectors including telecommunications, military, energy, generating sets manufacture and renters and mining and quarry sectors.

TECHNOWILL, 13 rue de Madrid 39500 Tavaux, France