The Insulated Tools Premium Range From Sibille Outillage

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The Insulated Tools Premium Range from Sibille Outillage

Sibille Outillage, a French manufacturer of insulated and insulating tools for electricians, is based in Malataverne, France. For over 60 years, Sibille Outillage has been supplying electricians across the world with tools of the highest quality that are best suited to the specific needs of the electricity industry.

Sibille Outillage has ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification. Those certifications, which are validated by external auditors, offer guarantees of quality and of a manufacturing process that addresses environmental concerns.

Sibille Outillage applies a very high-quality standard by selecting the best alloys and closely monitoring products at each stage of manufacturing. Sibille Outillage is extremely proud to introduce the new range of premium tools with a lifetime warranty.

With standout features such as:

  • Very strong insulating material
    to avoid slipping towards conductive parts.
  • Rugged red insulating layer,
    unbreakable and non-removable.
  • Reinforced handle ends
  • Orange external insulating layer

Below is a list of warranty exclusions:

  • Wearing parts (cutting wedges, gripping jaws etc.)
  • Insulating coating
  • Defects due to negligent handling, storage or installation of the products, or failure to comply with the specifications and instructions
    of the supplier and/or usage rules.
  • Defects resulting from product repairs or modifications by the user or by a third party without the prior written consent of the supplier.

Sibille Outillage insulated tools are perfect for onsite operation within electrical environments.

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