Multi-purpose Telescopic Insulating PENTAPOLE

Mainly made by installing, removing and also changing out cutout fuse barrels on end pylon distribution, through its remarkable mechanical properties described below, the
pole gives multiple complementary applications:


The insulating telescopic stick achieves great heights up to 12m (see Figure 1) while maintaining a compact folded 1m80 (2) length. The pole is constituted of 3 to 9 elements, which can be adapted to all configurations of use. Its low weight and high rigidity allow easier handling and more precise movements.


Telescopic insulating stick with pentagonal perfectly suits for


The PENTAPOLE is ergonomically designed with a grip which allows it to easily fit in the palm with the pentagonal shape preventing the tubes from rotating on each other.

The PENTAPOLE is a very lightweight pole which requires little effort during operation and rigidity providing optimal control during operations.

The sections are locked together automatically when the stick is extended by a large and very robust red button. Unlocking to retract the stick simply involves pressing the button, with no risk of trapping the finger or gloves in the mechanism.

Round terminal tube CEI60855-1 / ASTM F711

The terminal tube is a round tube built on a rigid, waterproof polyurethane foam (Figure 3). The terminal tube by its circular shape, responds fully to the scope and requirements of the CEI60855-1 / ASTM F711 standards.

Weight/ Stiffness

Each stick’s tubes were made in order to optimized its modulus of elasticity and also their weight.


By its unique shape, the curved pentagonal brings a feeling of exceptional taking in hand (Figure 5), while remaining close to a cylindrical shape commonly used for poles. Moreover, this form is used to transmit important torque efforts torsion during operation requiring an action of tightening or loosening.

Lock button

The locking elements is provided automatically when deploying the pole by a wide sturdy bi-material button. Unlocking and folding is achieved by a simple action on the button.

Technical Specification

Telescopic insulating stick composed of:

Ref. Number of Sections Length When Extended Length When Retracted Average Weight
3,80 m - 12'5''
1,45 m - 4'9''
1,89 kg
5,00 m - 16'4''
1,54 m - 5'0''
2,48 kg
6,40 m - 21'0''
1,60 m - 5'2''
3,16 kg
7,80 m - 25'7''
1,67 m - 5'5''
3,96 kg
9,20 m - 30'2''
1,74 m - 5'8''
4,70 kg
10,60 m - 34'9''
1,80 m - 5'10''
5,52 kg
12,00 m - 39'4''
1,84 m - 6'0''
6,35 kg

Sticks come with a universal end fitting and an operating hook.
If you would like another type of end fitting, complete the reference with the code corresponding
to end fitting required (in this case, the sticks is delivered without the operating hook).
APV : multi-purpose end fitting, 12 mm 6-sided with automatic locking
U : notched universal end fitting
B : bayonet end fitting
Other end fittings : on request, please enquire

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