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TAG200 is a voltage detector for the MV networks designed to check the absence of nominal voltage by direct contact with the line it is usually used prior to the earthling operation of a three-phase voltage system.


  • Robust white polycarbonate shell to be used in MV substations
    through 60 mm diameter spy holes.
  • Absence of voltage indicated by 1 green Led
  • The presence of voltage indicated by 1 red Led and audible signal by
  • Built-in “All check” test provides checking of all electronic and
    battery level.

Technical Specification

AC voltage range possible choice from 1 to 36 kV Network frequency: 50 or 60 Hz

  • Category: L = without electrode extension.
  • All weather use. use under light rain after whipping with silicone cloth!
  • Temperature: -25°C to +55°C.
  • Power supply: 9 V alkaline battery 6LR61.
  • Dimensions: Ø 49 mm, L = 195 mm excluding electrode
  • Weight: 0,280 kg.

Limitation: Distance between phase and ground must be above the following *

Low Voltage (kV)Ph-G distance (mm)
Un < 12150
12 < Un < 17,5180
17,5 < Un < 24215
24 < Un < 36325

* No other electrode than Y40 and Y56 can be used.

Available references

ReferenceVoltage rangeFrequencyEnd fittingContact electrodeUser's manual *Packaging
T20F0104C51-4kV50HzUniversalV40/D40Pack FMetal case
T20G0104C51-4kV50HzUniversalV40/D40Pack GMetal case
T20F0104C61-4kV60HzUniversalV40/D40Pack FMetal case
T20G0104C61-4kV60HzUniversalV40/D40Pack GMetal case
T20F0310C53-10kV50HzUniversalV40/D40Pack FMetal case
T20G0310C53-10kV50HzUniversalV40/D40Pack GMetal case
T20F0310C63-10kV60HzUniversalV40/D40Pack FMetal case
T20G0310C63-10kV60HzUniversalV40/D40Pack GMetal case
T20F1036C510-36kV50HzUniversalV40/D40Pack FMetal case
T20G1036C510-36kV50HzUniversalV40/D40Pack GMetal case
T20F1036C610-36kV60HzUniversalV40/D40Pack FMetal case
T20G1036C610-36kV60HzUniversalV40/D40Pack GMetal case
T20F0536C55-36kV50HzUniversalV40/D40Pack FMetal case
T20G0536C55-36kV50HzUniversalV40/D40Pack GMetal case
T20F0536C65-36kV60HzUniversalV40/D40Pack FMetal case
T20G0536C65-36kV60HzUniversalV40/D40Pack GMetal case
T20F0572C55-72kV50HzUniversalV40/D40Pack FMetal case
T20G0572C55-72kV50HzUniversalV40/D40Pack GMetal case
T20F0572C65-72kV60HzUniversalV40/D40Pack FMetal case
T20G0572C65-72kV60HzUniversalV40/D40Pack GMetal case

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PBwel is the leading designer, manufacturer, and supplier of quality electrical safety products.

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