SPCCS80SI Power Cable Spiking and Cutting Tool

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SPCCS80SI Power Cable Spiking and Cutting Tool


Ultra-safe integrated electrohydraulic cable cutters without hydraulic hose, remotely controlled, to check the absence of voltage on underground power cables. Use the following cables:


  • Safety power cable cutter to check the absence of voltage on underground cables
  • Maximum transited short circuit current (Ph G) 9 kA/ 1 s or 13 kA/ 0 5 s
  • Remote controlled from a distance of up to 25 m to protect the user and third parties from the effects of a live cut Remote controller or Android app on smartphones
  • Energy via standard battery 18 V 2 Ah protected with steel protector
  • Rugged and light, hardened steel blades Compact integrated electro-hydraulic unit with automatic double speeds (fast approach work)
  • Eliminates the risks of injuries due to hydraulic hose punctures and saves its related maintenance costs
  • The pick creates a phase-to-earth fault on one of the 3 phases cut simultaneously Avoids short circuits between phases generating more damage to the installations (for HV cables)
  • Eliminates the need for cartridge-powered or manual cable spikers prior to the cutting operation
  • Rugged carry bag with a storage pocket


  • SPCCS80SI: electro-hydraulic safety Spiker and cutter for LV power cables, tripolar HV cables and unipolar HV cables
  • SPCC80SI: electro-hydraulic safety and cutter for LV power cables and unipolar HV cables

Package Components

  • 1 x Hydraulic tool
  • 1 x Steel Battery protector
  • 1 x Earthing stake
  • 1 x aluminium earthing cable 50 mm
  • 1 x clamping vice
  • 1 x Remote controller
  • 2 x 2 Ah Li-Ion Batteries
  • 1 x Battery charger
  • 1 x Carry bag
  • 1 x User’s manual
  • 1 x Technical guide

Additional accessories

  • Strap 2m Copper earthing cable 35 mm
  • Explosion-proof tarpaulin

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