SPCCS100SI Power Cable Spiking and Cutting Tool

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Hydraulic Spiking and Cutting Tool


  • SPIKING cable to check and ensure the absence of voltage on LV and MV underground cables
  • Cutting after spiking operation in full safety
  • Total security for the user according to NFC 18510

The PICOUP ultra-safe are integrated electrohydraulic cable cutters without hydraulic hose to check the absence of voltage on underground power cables. Use the following cables:


  • 2 actions combined into one single tool (spiking and cutting)
  • Enables the user to limit any resulting short circuit to a single-phase / ground fault when spiking multi-core cables. This causes any protective devices to trip before a 2 or 3 phases fault can be created
  • In the event of spiking a live cable, the spiking blade can be replaced easily (minimising cost impact)
  • MOS INDUSTRIE: 20 years of expertise
  • No physical connection between the tool and the user
  • Damage to infrastructure is minimised when spiking as a single phase to earth fault is created using a dedicated, local 70mm copper earthing cable
  • Cutting failure sensor
  • Indication on the remote at the end of the cutting operation
  • Hydraulic over-pressure safety valve
  • Battery charge status indicator
  • Prevents the start of cutting if the battery is low


  • Reference Number: SPCCS100SI
  • Cutting capacity: diameter 140 mm
  • Metal armour: round wires 4mm
  • Cutting force: 21 000kg
  • 24V DC operation
  • Autonomy: 20 cuts
  • Dimensions L x W x H: 678x188x320 mm
  • Weight: 20 Kg


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