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The MTAG DR 1- 69 kV Voltage Detector Dual Range is designed to make sure that nominal voltage is actually absent on a circuit of an HV distribution system. Its two operating ranges are calibrated according to IEC recommendations between 1 kV and 69 kV:

  • The device will detect any nominal voltage in contact with the part of the installation to be tested on overhead lines and substations.
  • It will not indicate voltage presence when detecting induced voltages in order to allow grounding operations.


Optimised indicators that can be understood clearly in all working conditions:

  • The visual indication is visible in all usual working environments, in sunlight or fog, with a wide angle of visibility and from the side thanks to an optic ring.
  • The 100 dB sound signal is designed to remain audible even in traffic or strong wind, thanks to its acoustic horn.

Direct access to the battery and sealed electronics compartment. When the battery is replaced, this design prevents the following:

  • Accidental interchange of housing or circuitry;
  • Damage to electronic circuits;
  • Humidity ingress into the device when the battery is replaced outdoors.
  • 2 in 1:
    • This dual range detector acts as 2 voltage detectors with 2 separated ranges: lower range and upper range.
    • The presence of nominal voltage within the calibrated rangesis indicated as shown below:

Technical Specifications

Two operating ranges can be chosen between 1 and 69 kV voltage ranges calibrated according to IEC recommendations)

  • Network frequency 50 and 60 Hz
  • Permanent standby status with automatic wake-up function
  • Complies with bridging test indoor and outdoor no flashover when inserted between two live parts
  • The presence of operating voltage is indicated by RED flashing lights indication flashing and an intermittent audible signal
  • Self-test (ready for use) of the device is indicated by GREEN lights
  • The self-test checks all the circuits, the reference detection level and the battery voltage
  • The ready for use the state is indicated by the green indication for 1 5 minutes
  • A low battery voltage is indicated by an ORANGE light
  • Designed for outdoor and indoor use
  • Operating temperature 25 C to 55 C
  • Humidity 96 max
  • Power supply voltage 9 V alkaline cell IEC 6 LR 61
  • Accepts the use of a rechargeable battery with an identical supply voltage
  • Yellow polycarbonate housing
  • Dimensions; 59 mm, L 280 mm without the contact electrode
  • Net weight; 390 kg with stick adaptor
  • Operating manual with a choice of languages, depending on the package

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