HTAG Voltage Detector

PBwel is the pleased to be main distributor of SIBILLE FAMECA voltage detector range in the United Kingdom and the Ireland.

SIBILLE FAMECA is the leading provider of electrical safety products for electrical risk prevention equipment, and equipment for construction and network management.

Designed to check the absence of nominal voltage in a circuit of high voltage and very high voltage systems from 50 kV to 765 kV (voltage range according to IEC recommendation)

  • The Htag detects any nominal voltage on overhead lines or substations. 
  • The Htag addresses all the needs and comment collected from users and experts in recent years.

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  • Optimum sound indication- clearly audible in all working conditions
  • Direct access to the battery and sealed electrics compartment for easy configuration that prevents the accidental swapping of housing and circuitry
  • Optimal light indication visible in sunlight and in fog
  • Wide visibility angle
  • Functional reliability the low battery voltage test is indicated by a dedicated orange LED
  • 100 dB sound signal (from 1 metre)
  • Full protection of electronic circuits
  • Rechargeable by standard micro USB 5V plug

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Product: HTAG Voltage Detector