PBwel is the leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of quality electrical safety products.


The C31 Detector is designed for use on overhead a.c. electrified systems operating at 25kV nominal voltage, to indicate the presence of Traction voltage.

The C31 kit contains a Live Line Indicator supplied in a tough protective carry case, a high voltage probe and hook, an 8m long arctic orange 50mm² Aluflex Lead with J117 Rail Clamp and a Battery Charger for charging the C31’s internal battery.

The C31 Live Line Indicator incorporates a number of important safety features including; Dual independent circuitry, meaning the analogue meter and the LED indicators work completely independent of each other. If one circuit fails, the other will keep on working for your safety.

Automatic ‘Meter Prover’ operates every time the tester is turned on, proving the electrical and mechanical operation of the analogue meter.

Triple Resistor Sets ensure that in the unlikely event of one HV resistor failing, the remaining ones are sufficient to safely protect the operator and the equipment. The resistors are tested at 40 KV AC. The 50mm2 Aluflex grounding cable will safely conduct the full force of the OHL system in the event of a catastrophic failure of the equipment, such as direct contact with the overhead line. Automated Test Cert Validation, warning lights flash when test certificate has expired.

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  • Dual Independent Circuitry
  • Automatic Meter Prover
  • Triple Resistor Set
Part Number:MISC-00153



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PBwel is the leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of quality electrical safety products.

PBwel is a globally recognised designer, manufacturer and supplier of temporary portable earthing, voltage detectors, Buchholz relays and electrical safety products.

With a heritage spanning over eighty years, and world-class experience in equipment designed for the safe maintenance of power systems, PBwel provides customers with high-quality service, reliable solutions and technical expertise.


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