ALADIN 10-69 kV

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ALADIN 10-69 kV

ALADIN is designed to provide extra safety levels for workers operating near energized equipment (during maintenance, rescue operations, painting, and pruning) in an electrical environment. This device combines a headlight and a personal voltage alarm. Does not replace safety procedures.


An example of a situation where ALADIN provided an efficient warning

  • Misunderstanding: The operator approaches the wrong spot
  • Voltage unexpected return. A mistake during an operation on a disconnected network.
  • Involuntary approach: Quick move in the direction of the energized area during operation
  • Diversion: The operator is diverted by bad news or urgency and moves toward a high-potential energized conductor unconsciously.

In all these situations and many others, ALADIN will provide the ultimate WARNING.


Sound alert of voltage proximity which rhythm increases upon the level of electric field detected.

The “smart mute” is a Dynamic Voltage Detection

  • It is used to silence the warning sound once at the workplace, the device remaining vigilance and still measures the electric field.- The warning sound will automatically restart in case of an increase in thelevel of the detected electric field (closer or sudden presence of voltage).- Acts as additional fencing which can be set at the working place.
  • The device is designed like a headlight to be fixed on helmets or hard hats by various means. In this position, the device will detect 360° around the operator
  • No influence of the electromagnetic fields
  • 2 types of light are available: 1 x light for remote vision (overhead lines, poles, etc.) and 1 x light for closer vision (walking trip, working place, etc.)
  • Light and compact device
  • Rechargeable by standard micro USB 5 V plug

Technical Specifications

  • 360° detection of the electric field 50 & 60 Hz around the worker
  • Convenient for outdoor and indoor electrical systems
  • Detects the level of the electric field. It does not measure the distance of the source of the electric field
  • The higher the voltage, the bigger the distance of detection.
  • It may even detect low-voltage near-wall outlets
  • Range of use up to 400 kV environments
Voltage Range:16 – 69 kV
Battery capacity:2000mAh
Temperature:25° C + 55° C
Humidity:up to 96 %
Dimensions:87 x 60 x 34 mm
Weight:98 g
Options:Charger USB elastic strap
User’s Manual: Pack F
Packaging: Cardboard box: includes Soft bag, many pads interface (x 3)


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