On the 2nd and 3rd of July, we will be holding an open day in Corsham. Find out more by clicking here



On the 2nd and 3rd of July, we will be holding an open day in Corsham. Find out more by clicking here


PBwel is pleased to be the main distributor of REGELTEX GLE ELECTROVOLT Natural Rubber Insulating Gloves and FLASH & GRIP: AFG Composite and Arc Flash Gloves in the in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Founded in 1932 REGELTEX is the leading manufacture of insulated gloves for the electrical generation, electrical power transmission, distribution public lighting, industrial applications, electric traction, civil protection and electric cars.

The REGELTEX insulating gloves for electrical work is manufactured in France under the 9001:2015 certification. Unlike other industrial processes REGELTEX gloves is manufactured with a water-based technology without the use of solvents. Combining with the use of natural materials, provides assurance of greater concern for the environment. 

The REGELTEX quality assurance laboratory is integrated into their production site which allows REGELTEX to carry out all the tests according to applicable EN 60903 and IEC 60903 standards. The quality approach with visual and dielectric inspection of 100% of the production offers users the guarantee of conformity.

The GLE Electrovolt insulating gloves is made from natural rubber available in all classes, many sizes, different lengths and colours. Leather protectors are recommended to be worn over Electrovolt gloves to ensure mechanical protection (local regulations, work practices and risk analysis apply). 

The natural rubber provides high dielectric protection. The ergonomic shape and lightly powdered interior make the Electrovolt gloves easy for donning and doffing.

The composite and Arc Flash & Grip gloves are Bicolour composite gloves available in many sizes and different lengths. Integrated mechanical protection no need of leather protector Arc flash rated by a third party notified body box test and ATPV.

Insulating gloves 3 in 1 dielectric, mechanical and arc flash protection. The unique formulation of the rubber compound makes Flash Grip gloves extremely flexible Bicolour: it makes the visual inspection easier.

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