Foot Protection

PBwel is the pleased to be main distributor of SIBILLE FAMECA safety boots range for the LV, MV and HV electrical networks in the United Kingdom and the Ireland.

SIBILLE FAMECA Electrics is the leading provider of electrical safety products for electrical risk prevention equipment, and equipment for construction and network management.

SIBILLE FAMECA Electrics is part of the ESP ESP (Electrical Safety Products) Division enjoys worldwide recognition as a manufacturing company providing solutions for the protection of property and persons against electrical hazards.

In this high-risk environment, ESP is demonstrating its capacity for permanent adaptation to the needs of its national and international clients and its ability to develop its products continuously to keep up with changes in regulations

The range of safety boot available include C974- C975 Safety Boots S3 HRO for Linemen, C960 – C970 Safety Shoes S3CI Fully Non-Metallic, C980 Safety ANKLE Boots SC3CI, C90B – C90H Non-Metallic Safety Shoes S3, C80B – C80H Safety Shoes S1P, C80B – C80H Safety Shoes S1P, C99- ISOL Safety Shoes, TC51N Live Working Boots, TC52 Live Working Boots WITH Insulating Soles, TB19BT LV Dielectric Safety Boots 1000 V, TB19 Live Working Safety Boots 20 000 V and TBOB Dielectric Overboots.

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