The PBwel range of equipment for use on Transmission lines

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PBwel Transmission Line Earthing

PBwel has been at the forefront of transmission line earthing equipment design, manufacture, and delivery. Within the energy supply sector, our transmission line products have a great reputation for quality and performance and have been thoroughly tested and trusted for many years of service.

The PBwel range of equipment for use on transmission lines has a proven track record of many years’ service in the electricity supply industry and conforms to the requirements of ENA 41-21. As well as supplying a standard range of approved equipment, PBwel also have the capability to design new solutions for any portable earthing equipment.

Our range of Earthing includes recognised industry standards such as the CE10/A2 and CE69 clamps, as well as Telescopic Operating Poles and Sparrow Plates. The full PBwel Transmission Line Earthing range includes Earth End Clamps, Line End Clamps, Sparrow Plates, Tee Connectors, Earthing Leads and so much more contact us for more information.

Discover the PBwel full range of Transmission Line Earthing Equipment

Transmission Line End Clamp

The Transmission Line range of portable earthing is suitable for temporary earthing of conductors within the range 132kV, 275kV and 400kV.

Transmission Line Earthing Leads

PBwel can supply Aluflex leads in any length required, in a range of sizes including 50sqmm, 120sqmm.

Transmission Operating Poles

PBwel offers a range of operating poles suitable for 66-400kV for Transmission Line use. These include 8/16ft telescopic poles, 6ft extensions, 2ft bridging poles and approved single section dedicated pole sets for easy clip together assembly.

Transmission Running Earths

The CE23/A Running Earth clamp is designed specifically for earthing line conductors during “stringing” operations. The CE23/A Running Earth enables the cable to run freely between contact roller faces whilst providing a positive contact to earth.

Transmission Sparrow Plates

The CE60 Sparrow Plate is a multiple-earth tower bonding plate. Designed for the control of induced currents, to manage short circuits upon adjacent circuits, protect in the event of re-energisation of the circuit being worked upon and provide a common point of earthing connection for portable drain earths, equipment and platforms by removal of step and touch potentials.

Transmission Tee Connection

The PBwel Tee Connectors are designed for Sparrow Plate connecting bonds and are compatible with PB120 palm terminations and PB120F Ferrule terminations only. 

Transmission DEAS Bar

Insulated Earthing bar for use in the dead-end arcing horn bolt hole when lowering off tension set insulators. Suitable for use with CE69 Line End, CE18/A Bridging Earth, CE13/A Line End, PB50 terminated leads and CE52 legacy Line End clamps.

Transmission DEAS Bar

Transmission Operating Socket

The PBwel OL1 Operating Socket is suitable for fitting Long Taper clamps such as CE13/A, CE69 and CE81 Line End Clamps.

Transmission Operating Socket

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PBwel is the leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of quality electrical safety products.

PBwel is a globally recognised designer, manufacturer and supplier of temporary portable earthing, voltage detectors, Buchholz relays and electrical safety products Substations, Transmission, Distribution, Rail, Voltage Detectors, PPE & Safety Equipment, Buchholz Relays and Cable Preparation Tools.

With a heritage spanning over eighty years, and world-class experience in equipment designed for the safe maintenance of power systems, PBwel provides customers with high-quality service, reliable solutions and technical expertise.

PBwel Team
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