Still innovating & manufacturing portable earthing equipment since 1960’s

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Still innovating & manufacturing portable earthing equipment since 1960’s

Early Portable Primary earth leads for substation use originally employed a screw type termination and jubilee clip (pictured).

In the 1960’s it was identified that the cables electrical performance was limited by its terminations. In order to provide far superior and consistent short circuit capabilities (reducing the number of earths required by 50%) and to provide a superior mechanical/hermetic seal between the aluminium cable and the termination, a joint venture between The C.E.G.B, P&B and Alcan was undertaken.


Alcan provided revolutionary new material grades for trial, in order to suit the electrical and mechanical properties required by P&B to machine and form this special grade of material into the compression termination, which we still use to this very day. Precision tolerances during the machining and compression stages ensure a cable joint is formed which is consistent to the original type tests.

In fact those type tests have been repeated many times throughout the past six decades, as leads are used to type test new clamp designs, thus proving continued performance and high quality sustained over the past 60 years in accordance with our type approvals. Our state of the art facility can produce over 30,000 leads a year, all tightly controlled for quality from raw materials to finished product, then tested prior to despatch. Contact us now to discuss your requirements.

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PBwel a leading supplier of Aluflex earthing leads for Substations, Transmissions, Distributions and Rail

PBwel is a leading expert in temporary and portable earthing equipment to Industrial and Utility customers worldwide. With our heritage spanning over 80 years, PBwel has established itself as the leading supplier of Aluflex Earthing leads for substations, transmissions, distributions, and rail.

PBwel Aluflex leads are suited for all operations and are available at any length required. The PBwel Aluflex lead is made of multi-stranded, commercially pure aluminium/ copper with an extruded pvc sheath to preserve the cable.

The PBwel Aluflex leads are also designed to meet technical specifications such as ENA 41/21. Aluflex leads are also available in blue and green, solid, opaque or semi-transparent coloured PVC sheaths. 

Aluflex Earthing Leads for Substations

Aluflex Earthing Leads for Transmissions

Aluflex Earthing Leads for Distributions

Aluflex Earthing Leads for Rail


The range of Substation portable earthing equipment is suitable for temporary earthing within the range of conductors 66kV to 400kV. Designed to meet specified requirement of ENA technical specification 41/21, earth leads can also be provided from flexible multi-stranded copper 35, 70 and 95sqmm as an alternative leads.

Leads are also available in blue and green, solid, opaque or semi-transparent coloured pvc sheaths for special applications on request.

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PBwel range of Aluflex cables and leads are suitable for temporary earthing of Transmission line conductors within the range 132kV, 275kV and 400kV. PBwel Aluflex earthing leads are produced from multi-stranded, commercially pure aluminium wrapped with a layer of P.T.P. tape and covered with an extruded transparent pvc sheath.

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PBwel can supply Aluflex leads in any length required, in a range of sizes including 50sqmm, 120sqmm and 150sqmm. Standard Distribution Line Earthing kits utilise 50sqmm and 120sqmm Aluflex leads. 120sqmm is used for the phase leads, and the down-lead is generally 50sqmm. If your requirements are for a higher Short Circuit Rating than standard, please contact us for a recommendation.

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The PBwel range of equipment for use on the Rail track and the OHL network has been specifically designed with the UK rail industry and has a proven track record of many decades service. As well as supplying a standard range of approved equipment PBwel also can design new solutions for any rail portable earthing requirement.

These includes a range of Rail Shorting Bond, Rail Jumper Bonds and Rail Short Circuiting Straps.

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