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PBwel in the Electricity Supply Industry

PBwel have been supplying the Electricity Supply Industry with our Transmisson Line Earthing for over 40 years, and have a proven track record of quality, ease of use and competitive pricing.

Our product range for Transmission Lines includes portable drain earths, operating poles, sparrow plates, running earths and more. PBwel supply all UK contractors, and our biggest customer is National Grid.

National Grid is the high voltage electricity transmission network covering England and Wales, connecting power stations and major substations, ensuring that electricity can fulfil demands anywhere on the network.

Transmission Line Earthing

As a trusted manufacturer and designer of Transmission Line Earthing, we work alongside many entities to provide bespoke earthing and control solutions. PBwel work closely with National Grid to design new products for new applications tailored to specific equipment and to provide solutions for specific projects. For example, National Grid required a solution for creating multi-earth bonding points, for which we designed our Sparrow Plate solution. We are featured within National Grid’s upcoming project portfolio for the development of tools for the assessment and control of Impressed Voltage.

As well as working in conjunction with National Grid, we also supply them with many of our standard products for use on both overhead lines and Substations. These include our-

CE50 Line End Clamp

Aluflex Earthing Leads

CE20 Earth End Clamp

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