Meet PBwel Team at EnergyX2020/21

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Join us on the 21st and 22nd of September at Energy X 2021 at Chester Race Course.

The PBwel team will be attending the Energy X 2020/ 21 event in Chester Racecourse, which will take place on the 21st and 22nd September 2021. The EnergyX2020/21 is the electrical industry’s must-attend event and we’re excited to show off some of our range of electrical products. Further details about the EnergyX2020/21 can be found here.

In preparation for the event, we hope this page gives you a taste of what’s in store at the event from PBwel.

Three Phase Earth Kit with Reflect Cable

Distribution Line Earthing kits can be fully customised depending upon requirements. Illustrated is a typical standard kit for reference, please contact us with your specific requirement.

reflex 2 large
pbwel-electrical-engineering-corsham-ESP Brochure Image
pbwel-electrical-engineering-corsham-ESP Brochure Image

50 sqmm Reflect Aluflex Cable

Short Circuit Rating:       8.9kA/1s

Cont. Current Rating:      150A

Weight per m:                0.19kg

Part Number:                    EBL-19133

120 sqmm Reflect Aluflex Cable

Short Circuit Rating:      20kA/1s

Cont. Current Rating:    300A

Weight per m:              0.45kg

Part Number:                  EBL-19137

PBwel LV Earthing Kit

The PBwel LV kit can be applied by hand using the S9B Long Handle Clamps. The LV kit can be provided with up to 5 clamps (3- Phases, 1- Neutral and 1- Earth) and supplied with a heavy-duty pvc carry bag to protect the equipment when transporting. The length of the 50sqmm leads is usually 1.5m, although these can be made to any lengths/colour depending upon requirements.

Part Number:  MISC-00029

Screw Type Earth Rod

The 1.5m Screw Type Earth Rod x 17.2mm diameter copper-clad steel core, with stainless steel sliding tommy bar for screwing into the
ground. A bronze screw profile casting is rigidly fixed to the earth rod for strength and provides an excellent conductive path to Earth. Earth rods
come pre-fitted with split connectors, and two variants are available:

  • Single split connector for nest applications
  • Double split connectors to allow daisy-chaining

Part Number: 

EFD-20137/1 (Single Split Connector)

EFD-20137/2  (Double Split Connectors)

Earth Spike

Steel welded construction and galvanised finish.

Part Number:   FA3174-A

CE80 Link Box Short Term Temporary Earth Kit

The PBwel CE80 Link Box Earthing Kit comprises four off CE80 sprung loaded insulated bronze clamps connected by flexible copper stranded cables. To be used upon a Link Box for temporary earthing whilst the main earthing kit is applied.

Current Rating:   150A/5mins

Short Circuit Rating:  4.9kA/ 1s

Insulating Rating:  Typically 2kV/ 1min

Part Number:  EFU-19311

CE78/A Link Box Short Term Temporary Earth Kit

The CE78/A Link Box Earthing Kit is used upon underground Earth Link boxes (modern metric-type). The kit is denoted by black handles and M12 threaded aluminium clamps and supplied with an aluminium temporary junction plate in a yellow fabric reinforced PVC carrying bag for easy and safe handling.

Current Rating:   150A

Short Circuit Rating:  7.9kA/ 1sec

Insulating Rating:   Typically 2kV/ 1min

Part Number:  EFU-19309

CE78/C Link Box

For use on traditional underground ‘Diving Bell Style’ imperial link boxes. The kit is denoted by red handles and ½” BSW threaded copper clamps. Supplied with a temporary copper junction plate in a fluorescent orange reinforced PVC carry bag for easy and safe handling.

Current Rating:   150A/5mins

Short Circuit Rating:  8.0kA/ 1s

Insulating Rating:  Typically 2kV/ 1min

Part Number: EFU-19310


A retro-fit option to allow earth potential to be maintained for the whole vehicle from Earth Tape or Earth Spike. Traditionally Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWP) are integrally earthed for Electrical Supply Industry applications, however, it is simple to retro-fit existing units with an external system to allow their continued use or to convert a stock MEWP for specialist applications.

Pan handles are supplied to allow simple modification of the chassis and platform areas for fitting of earth leads as required as well as a vehicle earth to connect to Earth.

Double Discharge Rod

For the safe discharging of capacitor units with two bushings according to NSI 11. Having a common clip-on earth end clamp and two insulated crook ends to discharge both termination bushings simultaneously.

Insulator Cleaning Brush

The Insulator Cleaning Brush is designed to easily remove grime and particulates from the surface of polymeric and porcelain insulators.


  • It helps insulators to maintain their insulated rating.
  • Fits onto standard insulated operating poles.
  • Quick and simple to use without the need to access platforms as work can be carried out from the ground.
  • Spring-loaded application with replaceable nylon brushes.

CE90 Horizontal Crosover Link Kit

A horizontal link for use within a distribution cabinet where the fuse has been removed during scheduled maintenance. Having a fully insulated clear cover to allow clear vision and aid correct fitment before securing using the insulated knobs.


  • Non-conductive handle and locking screws
  • Acrylic shroud for improved visibility to aid fitting
  • protective case for transportation
pbwel-electrical-engineering-corsham-ESP Brochure Image
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