PBwel design and supply new Interlocking solution

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PBwel were recently approached by Zone Green, a Sheffield based rail safety specialist with a bespoke design for the safe maintenance of trains under electrified lines.

Following on from the recent Network Rail decision to make Interlocked Long Blue Earths mandatory, it has been widely acknowledged that the best way to ensure that no inadvertent contact with live lines is through an Interlocking solution.

With this in mind, Zonegreen wished to supply a system whereby permanently stored earths in Rail depots could be accessed only with the use of an interlocking key system, and they approached PBwel to design and manufacture a suitable solution.

Using a solution similar to PBwel’s “Fixed Earthing” solutions for Substations, the company was able to design, manufacture and supply the solution in a tight time schedule, and Zonegreen are now able to supply and fit this solution as standard.

Geraint Evans, Managing Director of PBwel was pleased with the outcome: “This is another great example of our capabilities to see through a design project from beginning to end, always with the customers desired outcome in mind. Our expertise in this field made it possible for us to produce the interlocking solution in good time, and I am pleased that Zonegreen are happy with the end result.”

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