Multi-dial Class Demonstration Instruments

This Multi-dial instrument is a dedicated instrument having multipliers built in, so that accessories are not required.


Interchangeable, clip-on dials have the scale printed on both sides to enable the lecturer to read the instrument from either side. Different ranges can be plugged into or dialed up to suit the course of requirements. The scale is 23cms (9”) and utilises a 1mA 100mV movement. The instruments are available in two models:

Model M204. This Multi-dial Demonstration Voltmeter is a dedicated multi-range AC/DC voltage unit.

This model is available in the following Full Scale Def1ection ranges:
D.C. = 100mV, 3V, 10V, 30V, 100V, 300V
A.C. = 3V, 10V, 30V, 100V, 300V

It can be converted into a Galvanometer with sensitivity of 500-0-500uA and a resisitance of 100 Ohms.

Model M205. The multi-dial Demonstration Ammeter is a dedicated version of model M203 having the M203/A multi-range AC or DC current unit accessory incorporated in the base.

This model is available in the following Full Scale Deflection ranges:
DC = 10mA, 100mA, 1A, 10A
AC = 10mA, 100mA, 1A, 10A

It can be converted into a Galvanometer with a sensitivity of 5–0-5mA DC only and a resistance of 100 Ohms. A range of dedicated dials is available to make this a versatile instrument.

The sealed, dust-proof Perspex case allows a clear view of the functional parts and the externally fitted clip-on dials protect the instrument movement from damage or contamination. The pointer can be easily and safely adjusted between either centre or side zero positions.

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