Maximum Demand (Load) Indicators

The ‘C’ series indicators are designed for use with current transformers having 5 amp secondaries.


The basic indicator has a maximum scale reading of 6 amp which allows a 20% overload on the nominal current.

The indicators are surface mounted and have a completely insulated case. The moulded base incorporates a recess for the terminals, and the cable can be routed to the indicator either through the mounting panel, or on the face of the mounting panel through the top or bottom flanges (two easily removed breakaway sections are incorporated in the top of the unit to allow cable entry from above).

The unit has an aesthetic clear moulded plastic cover giving a pleasing modern appearance whilst also facilitating reading under difficult lighting conditions.

The cover is retained by two knurled insulated knobs which can be sealed to the resetting knob by a wire and seal if required. The resetting knob is manufactured from a moulded insulated material and there is provision for a phase identification disc if required.

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