PBwel on Track in the Rail Sector

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PBwel in the Rail Sector

For over eighty years P&B Weir Electrical Ltd have been one of the UK’s market leaders in the design and manufacture of portable earthing equipment for the Rail industry.

Our range of earthing equipment for the rail network is currently used all over the British Isles, as well as overseas. All PBwel products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards of quality at our factory in Corsham, Wiltshire, UK.

One of our biggest customers for portable earthing equipment within the Rail sector is Network Rail. We have in fact been supplying our S9B Clamp to the owners of the UK Rail infrastructure as far back as 1960 (when it was operated by British Rail), and this product remains one of our most used items to date!

Network Rail currently owns and operates over 20,000 miles of tracks, signals, overhead line, tunnels, bridge level crossing and most stations. This whole infrastructure requires maintenance and repairs throughout its life time, and with the current increase in electrification works, P&B Weir Electrical is on hand to assist with the supply of Portable Earthing equipment.

Earthing Equipment Everyone Home Safe Everyday

PBwel have over 100 products designed to assist in the safe management of electrified systems, and over 80% of these products have PADs approval. These products include our DEP Short Orange Earth, which is designed to provide temporary earthing on overhead lines via the gantry. This particular product is largely available from stock, and has been through the stringent tests required in order to gain PADs approval.

Other examples include our Long Blue Interlock, which provides a belt and braces approach to health and safety, employing a lock-and-key system to the earths which means that the earth end clamp cannot be removed without first disengaging the line end. Innovative design solutions such as these demonstrate PBwel’s emphasis on safety when working with electrified systems, and aligns with Network Rail’s “Everyone home safe everyday philosophy.

Our top five products supplied to Network Rail within the last year are

Primary Insulator Pole

Short Circuiting Strap

Short Orange DEP Earth

S9B Line End Clamp

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