Distribution Line End Clamps 

PBwel offers a broad range of Line End clamps to suit the requirements of ENA Technical Specification 41-21 as well as for export markets. The Distribution Line range of portable earthing equipment is suitable for temporary earthing of conductors up to 66kV.

S9B Line End Clamp

The S9B Line End Clamp is designed to hook over the conductor and be self-supporting whilst the operating screw is tightened or loosened. S9B clamps are available with a short tapered, long tapered, ring-type or ISO style operating screw and are suitable for a conductor range between 6.3mm and 38mm diameter.


The Snap-On Clamp, CE62, (sometimes referred to as a phase or conductor clamp) is precision manufactured from a robust aluminium casting with stainless steel fittings.

The CE62 incorporates a stainless steel jaw, which is spring-loaded to reduce application and removal time associated with clamps of the screw type. For an alternative method of application, PBwel’s S9B Line end clamp is also available.

The CE62 Snap-On clamp is suitable for a conductor range between 4mm and 20mm and has many years of proven service along with other PBwel Portable Earthing Equipment.

These products have been mechanically and electrically tested to ensure compliance with the relevant standards. Three interconnected CE62 clamps can be loaded onto the DH1A application head for rapid, snap-on application to the conductors.

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